All Mini Bus Pack


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All Mini Bus Pack

These models include  Green Mini Bus, Red Mini Bus, Civil Aid Service Light Bus, Police Light Bus, Tourist Light Bus, Correctional Services Light Bus, and School Bus.

Hong Kong version

Low poly, tested in Unity and Blender.

Simply texture, Keep Quads and face orientation.
Visit for a Unity file with simple scripts and movement.

You can find out more information on Wiki below.

8 models, game-ready assets, tested in Unity and Blender.

Keep quads, high quality, face orientation, low poly, and simple texture.

You can make changes on your own. Change your model size, color, and material in Blender

This package includes an original Blender file that you can edit.


File size: 25 MB

Includes 8 Blender files, 8 FBX files, 8 Unity files & 8 OBJ files


Have questions? View similar Assets by playing a game directly. The demonstration is here.

Free Game downloading at GooglePlay.


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