Fuso Rosa MiniBus


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Fuso Rosa MiniBus

The Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa (Japanese: 三菱ふそう・ローザ) is a Japanese minibus based on the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter manufactured by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

I drew this model in Sep 2023. If you like it, please share and buy my model.

You can find out more information on the website below.


Tested in Unity and Blender.

1 model, game-ready asset, tested in Unity and Blender.

It has 4 doors and 4 wheels, 451000 Verts, and 450000 faces.

The model has separated windows, bodies, chairs, and other things.

Without brand names, the logo materials can be removed.

Keep quads, high quality, face orientation, and simple materials.


You can make changes on your own. Change your model size, color, and material in Blender

This package includes an original Blender file that you can edit.


File size: 74 MB

After payment, you can download a zipped file including 1 Blender file, 1 FBX file, 1 Unity file & 1 OBJ file


Have questions? View similar Assets by playing a game directly.

There is a free Game that you can download at GooglePlay or play online here.

Remark:  This is a 3D model for download, not a physical product.


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