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  • Rotate with the left mouse button.
  • Zoom with the scroll button.
  • Adjust camera position with the right mouse button.
  • Double-click to enter the fullscreen mode.
  • On mobile devices swipe to rotate.
  • On mobile devices pinch two fingers together or apart to adjust zoom.
  • On mobile devices 3 finger horizontal swipe performs panning.
  • On mobile devices 3 finger horizontal swipe performs panning.


Bread Pack

Bread is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour (usually wheat) and water, usually by baking.

This model pack includes Cocktail Bun, Coconut Bun, Apple Tart, Bagel, Baguette, Brezel, Brezen, Chocolate Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Croissant, Cup Cake, Egg Tart, French Bread, French Pudding Bread, Garlic Bread, Ham and Egg Bun, Hot Dog Bun, Muffin, Pineapple Bun, Portuguese Egg Tart, Sausage Roll, Sliced Bread, Sourdough Bread, Sweet Plain Bun, Toast, Tuna Bun, Wheat Bread with Raisin, and White Bread.

30 models, game-ready assets, tested in Unity and Blender.

All together with 11000 faces only. No brand name or logos. Free to use.

Keep quads, high quality, face orientation, low poly, and simple material.

You can make changes on your own. Change your model size, color, and material in Blender.

This package includes an original Blender file that you can edit.


File size: 2 MB

Includes 1 Blender file, 1 FBX file, 1 Unity file & 1 OBJ file


Have questions? View similar Assets by playing a game directly. The demonstration is here.

Free Game download at GooglePlay.

Remark:  This is a 3D model for download, not a physical product.


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